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About the Commune
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Cycle route 316 Y

Cycle route 316 Y

The cycle route in the Commune of Gorzyce is a part of the cycle route around the Wodzisław County, which is registered in the Silesian network of bicycle paths under the number 316 Y and is 52km long.
The route runs far from the main roads, so that the cyclists can use it safely, while visiting the most beautiful places of the Commune of Gorzyce. On the route we can see among others: the objects of religious cult – the Shrine of Heavenly Mother of Fatima in Turza Śląska, the facilities of legal archeology – penitential crosses in Rogów and Olza, monuments from the Middle Ages, i.e. stronghold in Gorzyczki, natural sights – the Switzerland of Czyżowice (Szwajcaria Czyżowicka), a palace-park complex in Gorzyce.
The route is also interesting from the point of view of recreation – recreation centres in Olza, Country Town in Czyżowice, a big campsite in Olza, located on the edges of the old river bed. Also the Olza and Odra Rivers, water basin POLDER BUKÓW as well as forest complexes near Czyżowice deserve our attention.

The route
Wodzisław Śl. --> Turzyczka --> Turza Śl. --> Kolonia Fryderyk --> Gorzyczki --> Uchylisko --> Gorzyce --> Osiny --> Czyżowice --> Syrenka --> Zawada --> Pszów --> Lubomia --> Buków --> Bluszczów --> Rogowiec --> Odra --> Olza

The cycle route starts in Wodzisław Śląski, at the main gateway of MKS (Municipal Sports Club) Odra Wodzisław Śl. Stadium and runs to Turza Śl. – a place 3 km away from Wodzisław Śląski towards the south. This is the first village of the Commune of Gorzyce through which the cycle route goes. It is a unique pilgrim place with the Shrine of Heavenly Mother of Fatima located on the hill. It is famous not only in Poland but also abroad. Through the village flows the Leśnica River. Also a closed railway line Wodzisław-Godów-Jastrzębie ends here.

The cycle route in Turza Śląska runs along the railway lines, chiefly along dirt roads. At the height of the railway bridge over the Leśnica River we enter the area of Fryderick Colony – another commune seat belonging to the Commune of Gorzyce, whose name derives from the fragment of the oldest colony development, the so-called “Fryderick” and the coal-mine which operated at the beginning of the 20th century. From the path we get to the asphalt road, which leads to the centre of the village, then we cover a forest part of the route, go past a newly-built recreation-sports centre “Tarloch” to finally reach Gorzyczki.

The commune seat is placed in the frontier zone of Gorzyczki-Wierzniowice bordering with the Czech Republic. Most interesting are the grange buildings, mediaeval stronghold and a beautiful St. Nepomucen Chapel as well as the palace dating from the end of the 19th century – at the moment an orphanage (the former place of Count Larysz). If we go straight ahead at the main crossroads in Gorzyce and then turn into a dirt road, we will reach Uchylsko with a Visitation Chapel in the centre. When leaving Uchylsko, on the left we can admire the Olza River Valley.

Having climbed a gentle hill we will get to Gorzyce - a place whose first documented mention goes back to 1229. In Gorzyce, ul. Zamkowa (where the cycle router runs) there is a Palace-Park Complex, which in 1989 was included in the register of A class monuments under the number A/1388/89. The higher located, classical, rectangular palace currently provides premises for the Provincial Centre of Detoxification and Rehabilitation. Only the fireplace has been preserved from the interior equipment. On the other hand, the lower located 19th century neo-baroque, originally one-storey palace in the shape of a horse-shoe with a storied tower in the middle, is waiting to be rebuilt and put to use. Both palaces ca 750m away from each other were connected with two avenues. Around the palaces stretches a scenic park in the English style set by von Arco Counts. Next to the Palace-Park Complex is located Social Care House. In the centre of the village there is a monumental forge as well as St. Guardian Angel Church.

From the main road (Gorzyce-Racibórz) we turn into an asphalt road among the fields, which leads to Osiny. This is the smallest commune seat in the Commune of Gorzyce. By the main road there is a forest park with a playground, while in the centre of the village a parish Holy Spirit Church was built.

From Osiny we go along a dirt road to Czyżowice. This commune seat has the biggest number of inhabitants in the Commune of Gorzyce. In the south-western part there is a nature monument – an erratic. Undoubtedly a big scenic and natural attraction of this village is a beautifully located forest complex called “The Switzerland of Czyżowice” (Szwajcaria Czyżowicka), which provides excellent conditions for hiking, cycling trips and camping. Next, using a forest path we get to Syrynka – a district of Rogów, from where we proceed to Zawada (a district of Wodzisław Śląski).
The subsequent stages of the cycle route go through the town of Pszów and the Commune of Lubomia (ca 20 km), where among others we can visit: the tomb of the Borodynowska Lady, a frontier mound, the statue and chapel of St. Nepomucen and a stronghold.

From Buków – a village belonging to the Commune of Lubomia we go along the embankment of the water basin Polder Buków to enter the area of the Commune of Gorzyce again – Bluszczów, which is located on the edges of the commune. Worth visiting are: the chapel and monumental stone statue of St. Nepomucen from the 18th century, which is probably the work of the most outstanding Baroque sculptor in Silesia – Johann Osterreich. This monument is located on a hill, where you can admire the sights of: Rogów with a visible church; in good weather conditions you can see the Silesian Beskid at a distance, in the middle – the depression of the Moravian Gate, and on the right a fragment of Eastern Sudety Mountains. In Bluszczów a forest park with black alder is worth visiting. In this park you can see a monument commemorating the killed Silesian insurgents.

Next the route goes through Rogowiec – a district belonging to Rogów, located on its edges. If we veer off the route when heading for the centre of Rogów, we will see two stone penitential crosses. We may also choose to go straight to Odra, admiring a pond and the remains of the old grange buildings on the way. Odra is one of the smallest commune seat of the Gorzyce Commune, which is characterized by excellent natural and scenic values. It is a paradise for anglers and water sports fans. You can visit a monumental neo-gothic chapel and a residential building dating from 1840 with excellently preserved reliefs on the top wall, so characteristic of the époque.

Another and the last stage on the cycle route is Olza. This commune seat is located on the route leading to the border crossing in Chałupki. A characteristic and very interesting place is the junction of two rivers: the Olza and the Odra. Olza has a recreation centre and a big campsite. You may see a monumental chapel, a mediaeval penitentiary cross as well as Heavenly Mother the Queen of Peace Church and a monument commemorating the killed for the freedom and independence of the Motherland. In years 1918-1937 a so-called “Triangle of Three Republics” functioned in Olza.
Here the cycle routes connects with the European cycle route and the route of Silesian Cieszyn Euroregion.

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